“Day or Night, Working Day or Weekend,
Rain or Shine, We Are Live 24/7/365”

Let Us Answer Your Calls Professionally
Upbeat live phone answering services to help you Grow your Customer Base

Whether you own an apparel store, deal in cosmetics or doing business in large scale industry i.e. software equipment, home appliances and insulation or cleaning industry. Our 24/7 phone answering services can help you handle all of your customers around the clock.

Dimensional and Dynamic Scalability to Handle Inbound Calls

Here, “Befinitive Call Center Services” brings three dimensional scalability to answer phone calls for all businesses. Which enables businesses to scale-up or scale-down their operational hours as per their needs, our agents will handle your inbound calls professionally with given instructions from just phone answering to order taking services.

24/7 Unified Communications

“Befinitive Call Center Services” bestows unified communication services in native lingo through open call center culture and unsurpassed functionality. We at “Befinitive Call Center Services” operate to serve vertical and horizontal markets. Our aim is to serve businesses with best quality call center services to achieve their monumental business goals with highest customer retention rate.

Integrable but Identical User Call Center Interface

“Befinitive Call center Services” is designed to answer customer inquiries from all communication channels, so we have our customized call center interface which is technically capable of being integrate with any business model. Thus we assure, every enquiry, phone call, live chat message and email will be handled carefully with unlimited technical and personal skills, that won’t let your customers move out easily.

A Disciplined approach to Answer phone Calls

Dealing with customer phone calls needs proper discipline and scripting along with proper industry knowledge, we at “Befinitive Call Center Services” focus on serving your customers best through valued call handling process.  We are well aware of the fact that only better plus on-time phone answering can help businesses to convert maximum callers into customers. That’s the best disciplined approach we use to answer phone calls.

But that’s not the only thing a phone caller needs and we invest our professional skills in finding what can work best for the callers to be your customer. We value every call, answer in shortest wait time and effort with the aim to never let you miss any call unattended. We add in depth knowledge of industry to drive unique plus valuable interaction with customers.

Focus on the Core Process and Leave your Business Calls to “Befinitive Call Center Services”

Why to Go with Befinitive Phone Answering Services?
“Rich Call Center Features to Answer Every call, Anytime”

We are all set to attend phone calls on your behalf and assist your customers round the clock with minimum wait time and efforts, where quality of phone answering service can never be compromised. “Befinitive Call Center Services” is technically enriched with latest hardware equipment to handle high load of incoming/inbound calls with highest score of voice quality and service level. Our operating systems are flexible according to the call center standard protocols to integrate easily with any business systems. Because our Call Center SDK is designed with flexible and easy to use options to configure with all essential call center and information systems like Call Recording, IVR, Auto attendants, conference calling system, click to call, CRM, Direct/Live Reporting Systems as well as after call work management.

We Work to Unlimit your Business Working Hours

It might be a simple thing to handle phone calls but 24/7 phone answering by professionals can create memorable and corporate image very easily. So let us answer your personal plus professional phone calls, and say you care for your customers and ready to hear from them round the clock. Here we offer you fractional price packages to hire professional call center agents.

Some of our best phone operators’ skill features are:

85% Agent occupancy

Agent occupancy that can have high effects on your incoming calls, by utilizing our technical resources we proudly offer you 85% agent occupancy rate. Our customer support agents are trained and intelligent enough to handle unlimited back to back calls at any given time.

Highest Quality of Experience (QoX)

We know customer satisfaction ranks higher in business differentiators, so our industrially adept call center agents answer your business phone calls in the most polite way just to give best customer satisfaction in both objective and subjective matters.

5/5 voice Quality

Our agents are fully trained to control the call answering parameters that can lessen voice and call quality. Jitter, Latency, poor internet connections, inadequate call routers and improper configuration will never be a part of our phone answering services.

Shortest Average Call Answering Time

Fastest next call pick up time make our answering services more reliable, we know every caller needs quick attention and that’s what we do while answering phone calls. Perfect call routing systems and active agents make it possible to answer inbound phone calls with reduced call answering time.